Trend setter or dedicated follower of fashion?

In the world of weddings there is always huge anticipation at the beginning of December to see what Pantone will announce as their next colour of the year. There is a flurry of posts on social media from across the industry announcing the colour and Pinterest is suddenly awash with co-ordinating mood boards. Brides and Grooms (and wedding professionals) across the nation suddenly rethink their colour schemes for their upcoming nuptials.
For 2019 it is an interesting shade of pink called Living Coral (shade 16-1546 to be precise).
But here’s the thing. When Pantone announced 2019’s colour it was met with, well, indifference, by a lot of people across the industry, but especially in the world of Wedding Cakes. There are an awful lot of us cake artists who don’t really like it (me included – sorry)! It’s a bit of a funny colour. Not really pink, not really orange. I grew up in the 80s, it gives me memories of coral shell suits, rara skirts and spending my pocket money on some shockingly awful pink shades of eyeshadow in the local chemist on a Saturday afternoon.
In moderation, I can see a few coral flowers here or there, maybe a coral lustre on one tier. I have seen some beautiful examples of cakes using coral pink, navy, ivory and gold. But I’m still not feeling the love for it. In contrast, Bride magazine have just published their colour trends for Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 and I love the combinations they are suggesting. There are shades of rich blue, flashes of antique gold and mustard. Mossy greens and rich browns are autumnal and cosy and there is that autumn classic of plumy red wines and deep oranges.

So here is the thing: as a couple designing your wedding, should you follow the trends, or should you set them?
There are pros and cons to both.
If a colour or trend is, well, on trend, it will be everywhere. You will easily find items for your wedding in your chosen hues. It will be easy to find matching or coordinating accessories. This could save you time and money. Items will be easily sourced and readily available on the high street. Mood boards on that theme will be everywhere, from Pinterest, to bridal magazines and across social media.
But do you want to have a wedding that looks the same as everyone else?


One summer I attended six weddings in the space of five months. All of them friends from either university or work. We were in our early 20s, and in a lot of cases, a bit short of cash too. With the exception of one Hindi wedding (amazing experience, I loved it) and one where my incredibly talented crafter friend only invited 20 people and made a lot of the accessories, the others were very “on trend”. But not very individual. Don’t misunderstand me, I had a fabulous time at all of them. But looking back now with a designer’s eye, they were all the same colours (pastels were in). It’s something to bear in mind if you have friends getting married in the same season as you.
And as for your cake artist, wedding planner etc. not enjoying your theme? My job is to bring your vision to life, and I will do my utmost to do that in a spectacular fashion. Whatever your theme. So pick your tribe – leader of the pack or fashion follower. Or somewhere in between. It’s your wedding, do what makes you happy (that’s a whole other blog post)!

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