Wedding Cake trends 2020

As 2019 nears it close (and what a completely insane year this has been!) and we start to look towards next years’ nuptials I thought I would give you my take on the wedding cake trends for 2020.


Naked or Semi-naked cakes

This trend has been here for a few years and is not going to go away. I already have bookings for semi-naked cakes for 2020. Barns, marquees and outdoor venues are still massively popular and these cakes are perfectly suited to that setting. They can also double up as dessert, with the addition of fruits and berries. This appeals to a lot of couples these days. Not everyone likes fondant, or the formal feel of a “traditional” cake. A sweep of buttercream on your cake is a great alternative. Which leads to the next trend …

Semi naked cake
Semi-naked cake with natural flowers and foliage by Betty Bee Bakes


Naked cake
Naked cake with berries by Betty Bee Bakes

Faultline cakes

These are everywhere on Pinterest or YouTube. A buttercream cake, with a “Faultline” exposed round the middle. Fill the faultine with co-ordinating sprinkles, sparkles, piped flowers, pressed organic edible flowers, a coordinating colour, a metallic – anything you can think of! More often seen in single tiers for celebration cakes be prepared to see this style elevated to multi-tiered glory!


Nudes and Pastels

Think peaches, ivories, champagnes, pale golds, pale gingers and macaron hues (pistachio is going to be big in bridal wear, apparently. It’s my favourite flavour ice cream but see my superstitions blog here to see why I’m a bit anxious about this one!). I have already had bookings for 2020 cakes in these shades, and they are going to be beautiful.


The Roaring 20s

It’s back! 100 years after we first saw Art Deco, geometry, monochrome with gold highlights, Egyptology, The Great Gatsby and All That Jazz we can fully embrace the flapper girl again. As I browsed the Mac counter the other day I noticed one of my absolute favourite lipsticks, a gorgeous scarlet called Ruby Woo, is once again one of their best-sellers, evoking that opulent 1920s look. Even if your cake isn’t going to be 20s themed, I urge you to dance to some Post-Modern Jukebox at your reception. The 20s was all about glamour, decadence and excess – if you can’t have that on your wedding day, when can you?



Another trend that has been here for a couple of years and doesn’t look like it is going away. It embraces the Roaring 20s theme but can also be edgy and more fashion-forward. Black cakes lend themselves to non-traditional shapes too – mix and match square and round tiers, stack at an angle, or think 3-D geometric cakes. Accent with metallics or one theme colour and think architectural pieces that guests will mistake for a sculpture.

Black and coral
Black and coral cake with gold accents by Betty Bee Bakes


In total contrast to a black cake, and more about how the cake is made than how it looks. Sustainability in all areas of weddings is going to be huge news in 2020 and onwards. It is having a particular impact in floristry, where foam oasis are being swapped for more traditional and natural methods of arranging flowers. People born in 2000 are now fully-fledged adults and on the cusp of massive social and political change. These millennials (I hate that terminology – sorry) want weddings that reflect how they live the rest of their lives – recyclability, pre-loved, no single-use plastics. The impact this is having on the food they choose for their wedding can’t be underestimated. From using locally sourced produce or re-imagining “waste” food into an extraordinary feast, to going free-from or completely vegan to cater for all guests needs, this means that couples will be asking their cake maker to provide an environmentally friendly cake too.


2020 is a leap year

Once every four years the wedding industry goes into a post-valentine’s day flurry of excitement – it’s a leap year, this means, ladies, that you can propose to your man! But as we all know, in this day and age, women can propose to whoever they like, whenever they like. 2020 may be the year that the leap year proposal starts to lose its mystique. But be prepared for all wedding industry social media to be marketing that February 29th proposal date for all they are worth! Although, if you are going to propose, then I have a cake or cupcakes to help you with that …


Are any of these on your wedding planning radar? What else do you think is going to be big in 2020? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear what you think.



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